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Scanning documents with Nextcloud mobile app

Dennis Pennings, Thursday, April 9, 2020

While we are all working at home, here is a little tip for you Good Cloud users out there. It contains scanning documents with your mobile phone directly in your Good Cloud storage. There is no obvious documentation, so I decided to do a blog post about this functionality as lots of users don't know the functionality exists.


As you probably know we use Nextcloud as our hosting software, which includes the mobile client. The mobile app includes a nice scan function for documents that is accessible anytime, anywhere and incredibly easy to use. I'm using Apple, so I'm using the Nextcloud iOS mobile client to take the screenshot.


What do you say?

Yes, I'm still waiting for my Privacy-friendly phone to be delivered, but that's a different story. 


Open the Nextcloud app, click on the + and select "scan document":

Scan document

Select "Scan document"


Then the camera will try to find a document to scan (you will have to allow camera access of course). You don't have to do anything except keeping your phone steady. If it doesn't succeed, you can take a pic manually.