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End of life

Frank, Thursday, May 6, 2021

Our oldest environment ( is end of life and will be terminated in the upcoming months. If you are a user on this free01 environment and would like to keep using our service, we advise you to create a new account via

Your new created account will reside on our latest Free server ( and will work on a newer Nextcloud server version.
However, after creating the new account you still need to migrate your data to the new server. You can do so by using the Nextcloud desktop Sync client. Please see the link below how to migrate your files & folders.

Note: The migration of data is a one-off for all active free01 users. The new server will be updated according to our maintenance schedule.

We started the free hosting after Nextcloud started with the PPP program. Mostly to offer people an easy way to privacy friendly storage. We did this on the classic way by installing a server with Nextcloud. We are moving away from this server to our newer servers, which are easier to maintain and update. So we are asking you to signup to a new account ( and move your data there. The server which you are using ( will be turned off on june 15th 2021 and deleted on augustus 15th (with all the data).


Migrating file & folders using the Nextcloud desktop client

Frank, Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Data migration Nextcloud

This article describes all actions to move files from one instance to another. In this case we want to move data from to the new server

Note: Be sure to first create your new free account using this link:


  • Install the Nextcloud Desktop client. Note: Don't use the latest Nextcloud desktop client, this will be unable to connect. Use version 3.0.1 instead (see link)
  • Open the download to start installation. Click Next

Click Next again(default settings are fine)


Click Install

Click Finish to finalise the install.

A: Choose log in



B: fill in the server URL of the files you want to move (e.g.:

C: Click Next.

The webbrowser will open the logon screen. Click Log in and fill in your credentials for e.g.

D: Click Grant Access

E: This message will apear:

F: Close the webbrowser. You’ll return to the installer.

In the next screen select "Synchronize everything from server" and make sure “Ask for confirmation before synchronising folders larger than 500MB” is unchecked. Click Connect

The desktop client will synchronise all data from the old server to the local laptop/PC. Depending on the amount of data this might take while.


Once synchronisation is completed the system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen will show the icon:



Adding your new account (e.g.

To be able to move the data, you need both accounts connected to the desktop client. In the next steps we will connect the new account (e.g.

Right click the icon    , choose "Open Main dialog" and click Add account.

Perform the previous steps A to F

Choose log in and use the new server URL, in the example:

Note: Use the new server URL in step B

Click Next. Webbrower opens, logon using the credentials of the newly created account and choose Grant Access.

Uncheck “Ask for confirmation before synchronising folders larger than 500MB”. Click Connect. The data is synchronised to the local laptop/pc.

Once this is finished, open the file explorer: